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Lorenzo Cella


A Robotic Engineering student at Politecnico di Milano and a commuter. Passionate about Innovation, Technology, Startups and Sciences.

Giuseppe Cella


A photographer and cinematographer, electronics engineer and drones pilot. Builder and Inventor.


Open Positions

We are looking for people that are enthusiasts like us about creating innovation. We like to build things and make life better. Applicants could be either students or experienced workers.


An applicant should have a good knowledge in the following fields: electronics, computer science, automation. Creative and solution oriented.

Help us build the next version of Bolt and new products.

Technical background and experience needed.

Product Manager

Experience with Product Design and Development. Should be able to manage the creation and production of a product, from the idea to the selling.

Technical background and experience needed.

Social media manager and content curator, handles media relationships, answer email

Social Media 

Experienced iOs developer. Deep knowledge of CoreBluetooth. Experience with Low Energy communications a real plus.

iOs Developer

Work with Us

If you think you can collaborate with us in any way, please submit the form.

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