Is Bolt easy to use?

Absolutely, you just need to stand on the board and give a little push. Then use the remote controller to accelerate or brake.


Is Bolt waterproof?

Bolt can resist light rain. All the electronics are enclosed in the wooden deck that is treated with waterproof painting.


When the battery runs out, you can use Bolt as a normal skateboard?

Yes, you can, of course there is some resistance from the transmission.


Can I change the wheels?

Bolt has 1 motor-connected wheel and 3 regular wheels. They are 72x43mm 83a wheels. You can change the motor-connected wheel with the ones we provide. And change the regular ones as you like (72mm).


Can Bolt brake? Will the brake recharge the battery?

Yes, it has a electronic regenerative braking so can recharge the battery while braking and extend the range. This will be most effective when you go downhill. Please be careful when using braking downhill and the battery is already full, this might cause overcharging.


Have any other questions?

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